Dutch Blockchain Awards

Within the Dutch blockchain ecosystem, many professionals and organizations work hard on a daily basis to develop new products and services based on the technology. You rarely see the many cool developments in the news, while we, as a small country, are highly successful internationally.

In 2022, we will handout the Dutch Blockchain Awards for the third time. As BCNL Foundation, we started the awards, to put the important organizations and individuals within the sector in the spotlight.

Dutch Blockchain Awards 2022:

In this year’s awards we have 6 categories: Enterprise Solution Award, Meaningful Education Award, Impactful Person Award, Technology Implementation Award, Best Newcomer Award, BCNL Community Award. 

How to vote? 

– Go to https://blockchain.computable.nl/stem/  
– Register with your email address
– You will receive an email with a unique link to vote
– Click the link
– Vote for your favourite 
– Submit 
– Done!

Enterprise Solution Award

What company or project deserves recognition for a successful enterprise blockchain solution? 

– Kryha

– BitKassa

– Unveil

– Byont Labs

– The New Fork / Open Food Chain

Meaningful Education Award

What educational provider provided the best meaningful education to create awareness for and stimulate the adoption of blockchain & crypto technology? 

– Bouwen Aan Digitaal Vertrouwen & Hogeschool Utrecht 

– NFT Playground 

– Satoshi Radio

– CryptoTakkies

– BNR Cryptocast

Impactful Person Award

Which person really made an impact in 2022 that benefits the entire blockchain/crypto community? 

– Bert Slagter 

– Mark Nuvelstijn

– Marieke Ruyter de Wildt

– Daan Kleiman

– Sabine Brink 

Technology Implementation Award

What company or project implemented blockchain technology in the best possible way? 

– Fung Payments 

– HODL Finance 

– Glo

– Coorest

– Copernicus Beer 

Best Newcomer Award


What new company or project, started in 2022, deserves recognition for its growth this year?

– intotheNXT

– W3B Lab

– Authic Labs 

– CryptoRefills 

– Metaseum

BCNL Community Award

Which BCNL member deserves an award for their substantial contributions to the ecosystem? 

– Watson Law

– 2Tokens 

– Maven 11 Capital

– THX Network

– Coinmerce

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