Mao Lin Liao

Reblika was born out of the creative vision of Founder and CEO, Mao Lin Liao who’s artistic career has spanned across decades in the fashion, gaming and film industries. Armed with an award winning portfolio, extensive knowledge and intricate attention to detail in everything digital human, and a respectable industry following within the 3D art space, Mao has attracted like minded and insanely talented artists that have organically shaped into one of the strongest and most talented teams within the digital avatar industry. After a few years of working on projects with clients like Adidas, David Guetta, Balmain, BeemUp, and LVMH, Reblika looked to continue advancing and evolving to the next chapter in our saga by leveraging all of the knowledge and capabilities we have acquired working on digital humans. For us it was the next natural progression to build tools to be able to create digital identities. This has taken shape in the form of REBLIUM, a web3 native software platform providing a high-end avatar creator and configurator to the public.


November 23, 2022
1:10 pm

Yom/Metaseum/Reblika - Metaverse

23 November
Time:  1:10 pm - 1:40 pm
Location:  EY Wavespace Amsterdam
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