Ecosystem Events

In 2019 we organized the first Dutch Blockchain Week. After 3 successful editions with many dozens of events and thousands of visitors, this edition we are going bigger, throughout the Netherlands with countless partners! Past year our community has organized over a hundred side events. Absolutely amazing. The most prominent and important players in the Dutch blockchain/crypto/web3 space are actively involved. Partners such as Corporate Enterprises, Universities, Startups, Communities are providing a week full of inspiring sessions and eventts throughout the Netherlands.

The overview of ecosystem events, where and when they will take place, will be posted very soon.

KoiosDAO - The Hague University - Den Haag - 14-11-2022

More information on this event to follow soon!

The DAO hub / HS Utrecht

More information on this event to follow soon!

CryptoCafe Utrecht

An event with good people and drinks at cafe Tilt in Utrecht taking place on the 24th of November 2022 at 8pm CET.

Brightlands Heerlen 24-11-22

More information on this event to follow soon!

SheNFT 26-11-22

With Web3 pioneers including Adriana hoppenbrouwer-Pereira, Eva Bandelj, Melissa Romero, Valerie Vallenduuk, Anil Altas, Ksenia Stark, Sharon Sciammas, Cynthia de Wolf, Ileana Malacrino and many others.

Ecosystem Event Partners

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